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Master Classes/Workshops

Explore your body through transformative movement and yoga workshops.

Group Classes Available

Group classes offered by special arrangement for special events from beginning to advanced.



Tantric Vinyasa Yoga is not just a body oriented practice. It starts with the body but we honor the Physical Body as an energetic matrix, thus a platform to elevate consciousness. The tools and techniques of Tantric Vinyasa Yoga take us into deeper levels of the self. Our goal is self-development and the evolution of consciousness, increased strengthened and flexibility are results but not our focus. The practice integrates the ancient wisdom of Tantric teachings with traditional hatha yoga postures, it is a dynamic blend of movement, stretching, breathing, meditation, chanting and relaxation.


New Classes

Tantric Vinyasa Yoga

Tantric Vinyasa Yoga integrates the ancient wisdom and practices of Tantric/Kundalini yoga with hatha postures in a dynamic blend of movement, stretching, breathing, meditation, chanting and relaxation.

Go Bare Yoga

Liberate your mind and your body with Go Bare Yoga. This class comes from the Indian yogic tradition of Vivastra, a Sanskrit word meaning “unclothed” or naked. Go Bare Yoga classes are designed to cultivate body awareness and self-esteem.

Yoga for Men

Welcome to a men’s only class where you can sweat, build strength and increase flexibility. Classes include vinyasa or flowing postures with breathing and meditation to decrease stress and improve overall wellness.